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One of Jacky's ambitions is to try and get more people into fitness, fitness is for everybody, it is important to keep fit. Keeping Fit doesn't mean running around fields and lifting heavy weights, Jacky wants to make your body function better to do everyday things even more efficiently, having fun while you work out, and helping your body organs work more effficiently.

Jacky has a keen interest in working in fitness in schools.  She is labelled as Jumping Jacky and knows fun ways for kids to get fit in and out of school time.

063008181633Jacqueline Walmsley Personal Fitness and Group Fitness is a small personal business , specialising in offering ‘HOME FITNESS’ to her clients and children and teen fitness.  Jacky offers private and individual personal fitness and group fitness programmes to people who doesn’t want to go the the large busy leisure centre.  Its a service for people to wishes to work out at their own home,  their chosen place, and in their chosen time. 

Jacqueline Walmsley is a mother to two great teens and is a well known fitness expert in England.  Jacky has travelled all over England and Wales to further her education and increase her teaching skills in fitness to offer a even better service for her clients.  Her love for dance and fitness came at a early age and lucky to win several dancing competitions. 


Jacqueline hated PE at school and only did cross country once, she couldn’t see the point of running around the field and the town and wearing herself out, today schools inspire children and teens by telling them the benefits of developing their fitness level.  Jacqueline’s interests in fitness/dance developed after leaving school, when inspired by the dedication of  Bruce Lee and Arlene Philips with her KISS system, which involved developing fitness through dance movements and basic exercising, her own mother who was keen at Piliates and her father who was involved in street fighting.  Jacky also has an interest in Tae Bo.  All this developed further when she was directed into an ‘Exercise To Music’ teaching qualification in 2005 – one of my proudest moments and a dream came true, which was followed by Stability Ball Instructor Training, Resistance Instructor training, Teen Fitness Dance, One to One Fitness Training,  Boxercise,  Boxercise-Kick and Funtional Training.  Several other courses related to boot-camp training were eagerly enjoyed.  Jacky is a fully qualified Children and Teen Fitness Teacher, trained in Swindon. 


I love developing my education to keep up to date with the latest fitness crazes.


All this training was taken when Jacky was in the middle of a BA Hons in History and English, this hopefully shows that Jacky is keen to see her challenges to the end; this means helping other people reach their fitness goals and don’t let them give up when the going get tough.  Keeping to a fitness programme can be tough,  and knows that motivation can be limited when working out on your own.

 I teach one to one fitness sessions in the privacy of your own home.  Fitness to all abilities and interests.


Jacky is also qualified in offering Nutrition and Weight Management to new and existing clients.